Children's Day Cupcakes (Box of 25)

This year, Children's Day falls on the 6th October. Celebrate the colourful minds of children all around with a box of our Colourful Cupcakes.

These are topped with various coloured alphabets made out of fondant, smiley faces and sprinkles. 

Here at Cuppacakes, we do not use chemicals or preservatives. Our cupcakes are also made with 50% less sugar. We use the best possible ingredients that are available in the market.

Do let us know if you would like a Customised Gift Box. Share with us your thoughts and ideas on how you would like to make the Gift Box a little more personalised. We could top each cupcake with the child's name or even images of their favourite characters.

Our popular flavours among kids include Vanilla, Milk Chocolate and Bliss Choco.