Mid Autumn Cupcakes

Mid Autumn Cupcakes

The Mid Autumn Festival is one of the many important Chinese festivals. As the name goes, it is celebrated in the middle of the Autumn season.

This year, the Festival falls on 24th September 2018.

During the Mid Autumn Festival, mooncakes are generally eaten. The round shaped mooncake symbolises completeness and togetherness within the family. The full moon symbolises prosperity and reunion for the family.

The Cuppacakes Team decided to experiment unconventional ways to bring in the festival and thus, our Mid Autumn Cupcakes were born!

We have 2 new exciting flavours that we are happy to introduce to you guys. The first would be our Lotus Bean Cupcakes. Our Lotus Bean Cupcakes are Vanilla based, filled with Lotus Bean Paste and topped with a light and fluffy Lotus Bean Buttercream.

The second would be our Sakura Cupcakes. Our Sakura Cupcakes are Red Velvet based, filled with Sakura Paste and topped with a flowery scented Sakura Buttercream.

To finish it all off, the cupcakes are topped with festive Mid Autumn themed Fondant Toppers.

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