Our startup journey

I have decided to blog about our startup journey and the highs and lows of this rollercoaster ride. There are days that you feel that this world is yours, other days you have a feeling of gloom and despair and you feel that nothing is going right for you. The truth is always in the middle somewhere. However the build up of a digital business is very different from opening up a retail shopfront. A lot goes into building a digital storefront, the copy has to be good, the engagement has to be good, the user interface and usability has to be considered. Lots goes - and we tey to learn from others as there are plenty of examples around. 

As we go about doing so we will share our experiences, our mistakes, our learnings, our inspirations. Hope to hear from you and please suggest better ways for us to build out our platform. Please join us in our journey. 

We will blog about 2 aspects as we start our journey, we will talk about our technology platform and how we engage users. Secondly we will talk about our product development itself, and how we are trying to create innovative and healthier cupcakes and cakes so that you can indulge without the associated guilt. 

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