Vegan and Gluten Free

Although these cupcakes do not contain eggs and dairy products, and they are baked using raw sugar and gluten-free flour, they are just as flavourful and juicy!

Note: these cupcakes contain coconut milk in place of dairy milk.

Regular size cupcake: ~5.5cm in upper diameter

Mini size cupcake: ~ 3cm in upper diameter (about 2 bite-size for small children age 2 to 3 years, or 1 bite-size for adults (pop-in-mouth size))

Why minimum of 12 pcs per flavor for Regular size or 20 pcs per flavour for Mini size? Because we "Bake ON Order", each batch we bake a minimum of 12 pcs. This ensures that we deliver only the freshest and juiciest cupcakes as per your requirements.