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4 ways to have an awesome baby shower

Tasked with hosting a baby shower? Do not fret! A baby shower is usually thrown to celebrate an expecting mother. With that said, here are a few ways to amp up the party.

1. Start off with a THEME in mind


Already know the sex of the baby? Choose colours that go with the gender. Don’t just stick with boring pink and blue, be a little more adventurous. Try different shades of purple such as lilac or plum. Or shades of grey with a blue or green undertone.

purple baby shower


Got a favourite animal in mind? Use that as a source of inspiration. Animals such as bears, rabbits, bees and horses, just to name a few. Just select an animal and build it up from there.


Bees are commonly used as the main theme. Now colours come into the mix, such as yellow and black.

bee theme


Will be the baby shower be thrown around a holiday? Use that as your source of inspiration!


If it is nearing Christmas, why not get a little festive for the theme? Hang up reindeers and sleighs to make the venue more magical. You can also serve gingerbread cookies or snow cones to guests.

christmas baby shower

2. Who will you be INVITING and HOW

Will it be an all ladies party or will it be a mix? These days, people throw mixed baby shower in the hopes of not letting people feel left out. Grandparents, In Laws, Relatives and Friends. People who have been there for you through it all.

Invitation card ideas

Keep it sweet and simple

  • Send out a card or an e-invite stating the details of the shower

baby shower invite

Coincide with the chosen theme

  • Print out or cut out pictures of chosen animal if that is the intended theme.

bee invite


  • Cut out strips of old children’s storybook and make a book mark out of it. On the back, write down the details of the shower.

bookmark invite

Added bonus: Ask guests to bring along their favourite children’s storybook to add to your baby’s first library.

POP invite

  • This might be the best invitation out there. Blow up the required amount of balloons. Write down the details of the shower on the balloon with a white permanent marker. Release the air and seal it up in an envelope. Your guest will have a fun time blowing it up.

3. Entertain your guests with GAMES

Decorating Onesies

  • Give each guest a onesie and a few coloured markers to decorate it with.

Guessing game

  • Buy a few jars of baby food. Peel off the label and ask guests to guess what they are eating.

baby food

Play doh babies

  • Give guests a chunk of play doh and make them form shapes of babies within a short given time. You’ll be laughing at what people could be making with their hands.

play doh

Don’t let your “water break”

  • If the venue is in an outdoor location or you happen to have an open field near you, this game will be really fun for you and your guests. Give each guest a water balloon. Ask them to place it between their knees. They will then have to run from point A to point B without letting their “water break”.

water balloons

4. With all this excitement, your guests will tend to get the MUNCHIES. Here’s what you can serve at a baby shower.

Finger food

  • Different flavoured POPcorn. Pun intended on the pop.

Buy microwavable popcorn and add your own twist to it. Make it sweet or savoury, it's your party! 

flavoured popcorn

  • Mini sandwiches

Have different options available - BLTs, Egg salads, Tuna


  • Salad bar

Let guess get creative buy making their own salads! Have different dressings available for the adventurous.salad

  • Cupcakes

Here at Cuppacakes, with our slogan being, “Say it your way with Cuppacakes” we try our very best to tend to our customers needs.

You can opt for a simple box of our delicious cupcakes. If you want it to coincide with your chosen theme, we can customise it by either having image print cutouts on each cupcake or have a specific design made out of fondant for you.

baby shower pink and yellow cupcakes

We have also done the ever popular, “gender reveal” cupcakes. Just the other day, a lovely lady ordered a box of our cupcakes to “reveal” the gender of her baby to her husband.

gender reveal cupcakes

With all these ideas, we hope we eased up your shoulders a little bit. We bet your guests will be having a ball of a time. Visit us at to place an order now! 



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