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Corporate Event Customised Cupcakes

Here at Cuppacakes, we have a few options available for your office parties or corporate events, be it big or small.

Here’s how we can cater to you.

Image Print Cupcakes

image print cupcakes chocolate cake

Image Prints are edible sheets of icing paper that we print out, which is then topped on your cupcakes. You can send us images of your company’s logo or a few different images if you like. We will then edit it if necessary. Have an image in mind? Let us know and we will try our best to recreate it.

To place an order of Image Print cupcakes visit:


Flag Topper Cupcakes

chocolate cupcake flag topper cake

Flag Toppers are non-edible papers that is printed and placed on your cupcakes with a toothpick. Like Image Print, you can send us the images of your company’s logo or various other images.

To place an order of Flag Topper cupcakes, visit:



You will be able to order multiple flavours if you get more than a dozen of our freshly baked cupcakes.

Our best sellers would include Vanilla, Bliss Choco, Milk Chocolate and Salted Caramel.

Have a particular flavour you would like to order but it isn’t listed on our site? Let us know! We are always willing to try out new and exciting things. We are always trying to grow and expand our array of flavours. Check out our flavours via this link:

Here at Cuppacakes, we do not use chemicals or preservatives while baking our goods. We wait till the last minute. We try to take you to a place of comfort with our freshly baked goods. We also use the freshest and finest of ingredients out there that will make you want to have seconds. You can email us at: for more enquiries. 

For all other customised cupcakes, visit:

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