Transformers Cupcakes

July 05, 2017 Sangeetha Verappan

Recently, a customer approached us asking if we could do a box of Customised Cupcakes for his son's birthday celebration.
His son enjoys watching Transformers, the animated series.
His dad wanted to make his birthday a little more special by asking if we could customise the cupcakes with his favourite Alien Robots, Blurr and Sideswipe.
transformers vanilla bean image cupcakes
We suggested Image Prints. Image Prints are done by printing out images, of your liking, on edible icing sheets using food grade ink. It is safe for consumption.
We scurried through the web and found images that were suitable for the customisation and was sent to the customer for approval.
transformers animated cupcakes vanilla
Happy to say that we have yet another satisfied customer!
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