Assorted Sprinkles Mini Cupcakes (Box of 20)

Assorted Sprinkles Mini Cupcakes (Box of 20)

Mini Cupcakes are so cute and perfectly bite sized, which is part of what makes them so irresistible. Some people find that the mini cupcakes are just enough for them, others have a go at a few of these mini variants. 

Bring any party to life or send your well wishes with these sprinkles mini cupcakes. You don't need a special occasion to gift these cupcakes; show someone you are thinking of them or wish them a happy day by surprising them with a box of these cuties today!

One flavor per box, each box comes with 20 mini cupcakes. 

**Note that if you choose coloured frosting for Bliss Choco cupcakes, the frosting will still be vanilla buttercream. E.g. if you choose Bliss Choco cupcake with coloured frosting, it will be chocolate cake with vanilla frosting tinted with colour(s) of your choice.