Collection: Gifts For Him

You are looking for the perfect gift for Him, a gift that will surprise and Wow him. And you know that the way to man's heart is through his stomach. So, why not  customize a yummulicious box of cupcakes, to say what you really feel deep down inside. Surprise him, Wow him, Make his day special. Because, he is Special!

 Follow these 3 steps to create that perfect gift box:

1) Choose a theme - Think how best you can convey your message? If you have an image in mind, choose our Image Print cupcakes. If you want to send him a message, then choose from our lovely and most popular Alphabet Cupcakes. Or a mix of alphabets and images. Or just send him cupcakes with heart sprinkles.

2) Free Greeting Card - Write a message, and we will hand write your message on to a complimentary greeting card with your gift box. 

3) Order, Menton Delivery date and address. Then sit back and relax. We will get to work, and we will create that perfect gift box for Him, and will do our best to make your gifting experience as best as possible. 


We can be contacted at or at +65 98635320.